Results Suriname convalescent plasma

78% mortality reduction in ICU-admitted COVID-19 patients in Suriname after treatment with convalescent plasma (CP) obtained by the HemoClear blood filter.

Clinical trial

An open-label, multi-center, prospective clinical trial was performed among 78 PCR-confirmed COVID-19 patients admitted to the ICU with severe or life-threatening symptoms. Convalescent plasma therapy combined with standard treatment (n = 28) was compared to standard treatment alone (n = 50), stratified by disease severity.

Convalescent plasma therapy

In combination with standard treatment, CP therapy resulted in 78% reduction of 28-day ICU mortality (HR = 0.22) compared to standard treatment alone. Also, other significant indicators of the treatment effect of CP show that this novel CP production method was effective and represents a practical solution for low and middle-income countries to produce CP locally.

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