Alternative Use HemoClear Offers COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma

8 April 2020, Zwolle – In the fight against COVID-19, HemoClear’s current top priority is to help save lives, with COVID-19 convalescent plasma therapy. In spite of the incredibly global efforts, no medicine has yet demonstrated efficacy in treating COVID-19. But fortunately, there are several treatments that show promising results. One of such is the administration of COVID-19 convalescent plasma containing polyclonal antibodies. By offering an alternative use of the HemoClear device, we are hopeful to enable accessible isolation of the COVID-19 convalescent plasma. On the spot in hospital, and in a simple procedure.


In China, the use ofCOVID-19 convalescent plasma was already proposed in February as a treatment for the critical corona patients. But not as a new idea. Convalescent plasma has been used with success in SARS, pandemic 2009 influenza A, avian influenza A and several hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola. As the first, Shen et al. reported successful treatment of five critically ill corona patients with COVID-19 convalescent plasma. All patients received mechanical ventilation at the time of treatment. Following plasma transfusion, body temperatures normalized within three days while viral loads became negative within twelve days.

COVID-19 convalescent plasma represents a form of treatment that could be rapidly available when there are sufficient recovered people can donate plasma. HemoClear aims to offer a logistically accessible process for the production of the convalescent plasma units. At the moment, the absence of large-scale evidence remains a hurdle to broad use of COVID-19 convalescent plasma. Making the global call for clinical assessment of this novel therapy loud.

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The FDA Issues Emergency Approvals Of Corona Convalescent Plasma

The United States Food and Drug Administration has committed to facilitate access to COVID-19 convalescent plasma for use in critical patients with COVID-10 infections. In situations where approval is needed within 4-8 hours, clinicians are encouraged to submit a simple emergency IND form to have the patient’s eligibility confirmed within 4 hours. A far less cumbersome pathway is for hospitals to register with the approved National Expanded Access Treatment COVID-19 convalescent plasma protocol. This will allow all clinicians in the hospital to use the COVID-19 convalescent plasma treatment. The FDA currently is evaluating three additional convalescent plasma research protocols which may also be registered to in the near future.

The African Academy Of Sciences Leads The Way For African Clinical Trials

In Africa, the WHO, Africa CDC, and African Union spearhead initiatives against COVID-19.  Convened by the Africa CDC, the Africa Task Force for Novel Coronavirus coordinates preparedness and response across the continent. The African Academy of Sciences greatly contributes by leading and facilitating the international research efforts. The AAS is currently constructing a Clinical Trial Community platform that will feature research groups capable and ready to investigate potential vaccines and therapies, including COVID-19 convalescent plasma treatment. This one-stop platform will feature broad information on the operational logistics for your clinical trials in Africa.

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