Hemoclear summary

Blood filtration device


Infusion of allogeneic red blood cells (RBC’s) after significant blood loss is a standard medical practice that nevertheless carries the risk of detrimental effects on a patient’s health. Autologous blood transfusion or cell salvage on the other hand, is a safer medical procedure, involving recovering blood lost during or after surgery and re-infusing it into the patient. After filtering, the RBC’s are re-infused and the residual plasma fluid is deleted together with toxins and pathological elements.

Intended use

The intended medical purpose of the HemoClear device will be in recovering blood from patients in a setting where cell savers are not used due to lack of infrastruc- ture, availability or for financial reasons. This will include postoperative (ICU) settings in high level hospitals with patients recovering from major surgery but also operative settings in hospitals where cell salvage is not being used for financial or other reasons and mobile or field hospital settings where general infrastructure for cell salvage or donor blood availability is lacking.


A range of devices are available to assist in salvaging the patient’s own blood. In well equipped OR’s, cell salvage devices are used, that separate the RBC’s by centrif- ugation. They are expensive to operate and require trained operators. In other settings, devices are used that collect, without adequate filtration on cellular level. The HemoClear device uses an advanced microfiltration technology that is highly specific for RBC’s and easy to operate. It uses filtration by gravity and is capable of capturing RBC’s and separating them from other fluids and plasma at the same quality that can be reached by cell savers.


Approximately 85 million packed RBC units are transfused annually worldwide1, which means that well over € 20 bln is being spend on infusion of potentially harmful allogeneic RBC’s yearly. At the same time millions of liters of blood from critically ill and injured patients are being wasted. HemoClear has the mission to change this transfusion paradigm and offer medical professionals a viable alternative in situations where complex equipment is not an option. We aim to avoid wasting blood and provide a safe, easy and cost effective way to re-infuse a patient’s own red blood cells anywhere.

Company introduction

HemoClear company has been founded as a spin out of medicial2market, the development company of Arno Nierich, M.D.,PhD. Arno Nierich is a senior consultant cardiac anesthesiologist-Intensivist at Isala in Zwolle, one of the largest university affiliated teaching hospitals of the Netherlands. As an innovative medical specialist, he has founded Medical2market in 2011. Since than the company has developed and launched several successful medical inventions and technologies, which solve medical problems in a safe, effective and cost-efficient manner.