We take immense pride in our exceptional team of talented professionals who drive our company’s success. Each member of our staff brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and dedication, creating a vibrant and dynamic workforce.

Vincent Franssen

Chief Executive Officer

Senior lifesciences executive

Scope of interests: 

Global Health, Marketing & Sales, Production, Quality Management, Human Resource

Arno Nierich

Chief Medical Officer - Founder


Scope of interests: 

Clinical support, Innovation & Research, Product Development, Pandemic Preparedness, Healthcare in resource-constrained settings

Hein Kemperman

Chief Financial Officer

Entrepreneur - Accountant

Scope of interests: 

Accountancy, Lifesciences start-ups,  Investor relations, Mergers and acquisitions. 

Dion Osemwengie

Global Business Developer

Skilled clinical and commercial manager

Scope of interests: 

Global Health, Distributor management, Medical Experts relations management, Grant management

Colin Rutgers

Quality & Product Development Manager

Exemplary Expert

Scope of interests: 

Product Design, Product Development, Quality Management, Quality Assurance, Production, Regulatory

John Gray

Regional Commercial Director

Senior lifesciences Executive

Scope of interests:

Gobal capital equipment and consumables marketing and sales, autologous blood devices, filter technology.

Quei Nee

Regional Commercial Director

Senior Commercial Distribution Manager

Scope of interests: 

Global Health, Distributor management, Medical Experts relations management.

Annette Visser

Finance Manager & Management Assistant

Finance and Office Ninja

Scope of interests: 

Order-to-Bill processes, Reporting,  Inventory Management, Product Export, Document apostilization and legalization.

Dave van de Ven

Production Manager

Production Management

Scope of interests: 

Production efficiency and optimalisation Good Manufacturing Practices, ISO compliance

Koen van Lieshout


Production Expert

Scope of interests: 

Medical Device Production, Cleanroom Management, ISO requirements

Angelique Hoffman

Operator Director

Production Expert

Scope of interests: 

Cleanroom management, ISO requirements, product quality